A Message from Our Executive Director

September 18, 2017

Hello Everyone:

I hope you had a great summer!  First of all, we would like to thank everyone who took part in the Torchlight Yard Sale.   Whether it was generously donating items for us to sell, donating your time on the day or coming out to see us to say hi or have a hotdog or drink and listen to some music.  It was a great success and we truly appreciate the support.

First I would like to reassure everyone that we are making progress with the transition of Torchlight.  Most of you have been in to assist us in completing the Individual Transition Plans for our participants and at this time we are about 95% done.

As you will note we now have a new, updated logo, a new Facebook Page, and our website is currently under construction and should be up and running very soon so stay tuned.

On Friday’s during the summer we started to walk downtown Guelph to attend the concerts held at St. George’s square.  At this time we have also started to evolve within Torchlight and currently have several of our participants volunteering at Green Legacy on Monday’s, and we are hoping to increase days in the future with them when we have our own transportation.  Torchlight is slowly changing and very soon we need to begin decreasing our contracts as we now have less people to work on production.  It will be a tricky balance of contracts with increased opportunities in the community and programs for our people but we are determined to succeed one step at a time.

The decision has also recently been made to stay at our same location with many renovations and floor plans being considered to ensure that we can make 30 Edinburgh Rd N a welcoming and comfortable place to enjoy our future in house activities and programs.  This decision was made for many reasons, mostly due to the timing needed and availability of appropriate new locations.  We had 2 different commercial realtors/builders donate their time to investigate our options and we realized that at this time staying at this location makes the most sense.  We need to look into additional funding options such as grants and donations and for this; we needed a solid plan of action within a short period of time.

Please remember that our goal is, and will continue to be;  moving forward while offering our participants opportunities, programs and supports to the best of our abilities throughout and beyond this transition.



Patty Cote’-Duncanson